Sunday, 24 April 2022

Top 3 reasons to eat dinner early


 Dinner is a major and important meal for the health of the body, where it contributes to providing it with many important nutrients depending on the ingredients used in its preparation, where it can be prepared with vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc., which contributes to the energy of the body, and it is mentioned that dispensing with dinner, in order to prevent weight gain, and sleeping with an empty stomach, slows the burning of calories, which slows the metabolism, thus increasing weight, and in this article we will know on three Reasons to eat dinner early.


Three reasons to get you to dinner early.

Prevent weight gain

 Late dinner contributes to increased hunger, due to low blood sugar levels as a result of consumption in digestion, which increases the amount of food intake, and reduces the body's ability to burn calories, leading to fat storage leading to weight gain, increased risk of heart disease, and blood pressure.

Reducing stomach acidity

 The stomach needs enough time to digest food before bed, so it is recommended to eat dinner early to avoid stomach ulcers, metabolic problems, flatulence, indigestion, gases, etc.

 Restful sleep

 Eating late increases discomfort, leading to many sleep disorders, such as anxiety, intermittent sleep, and nightmares.

Other reasons

  •  Increases the body's ability to store energy, improves mood, reduces depression, and protects against low blood sugar. Treats stomach disorders, such as constipation, and diarrhoea.
  •  Increases body activity the next morning.
  •  Facilitates sleep breathing and prevents snoring.
  •  Helps you wake up early and organise appointments. Activates the brain and regulates the body's biological clock.

Tips for the perfect dinner

 Eat a meal rich in many nutrients, containing a maximum of 550 calories, 55% carbohydrates, 25% protein, 35% fat, 25 g fibre and 7 g of sugars.

 Exercise on a daily basis for half an hour, such as walking, cycling and swimming.

 Have dinner three hours after the afternoon snack.

 Eat enough vegetables because they contain antioxidants and fibre that facilitate digestion.

 Avoid fatty meals that increase the level of fatty acids in the body, to prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.