Sunday, 24 April 2022

A new way to make tasty sausage


Sausage is also called sausages or Marquez, which is the dazzling meat placed in the small intestine of the animal and is prepared from minced meat after the addition of salt and spices. The sausage is considered a meat of: cows, game, poultry, calves, and in some countries of fish meat, the sausage is seasoned with: herbs, salt, red pepper, black pepper, tin, garlic, onions, sugar, ginger, and most sausages contain both:  Some types of grains that make it coherent.


Beef sausages

  •  Component processing time: 10 minutes
  •  Cooking time: 8 hours
  •  amount: 40 servings
  •  The cooking method is: easy


 About 300 kilograms of minced beef.

 1/4 cup mustard beans. Three tablespoons garlic powder.

 Tablespoon of both: red chilli, salt, and chilli chips.

 Five teaspoons of sugary preservative.

 A teaspoon of liquid smoking flavor.

How to prepare

  1.  Mix minced beef with preservative, mustard beans, garlic powder, chilli flakes, ground pepper, salt, and smoking flavor in a large bowl. Cover the sausage mixture with nylon paper, refrigerate for three days, and mix once a day.
  2.  Heat the oven on the fourth day of preparation of the mixture at 200°C. Divide the mixture into five equal sections, then form each section into a cylindrical shape.
  3.  Place the sausages over a mesh rack mounted on top of an oven tray, and place the tray in the oven. Grill the sausages in the oven for eight hours, then wrap each section alone with nylon paper.
  4.  Place the sausages in the fridge until completely cool before chopping.

Chicken sausage

  •  The preparation time of the ingredients is 10 minutes. 
  • the cooking time is 10 minutes.
  • the number of servings is 12 servings.
  • the cooking method is frying.


  •  Six hundred and eighty grams of chopped chicken breasts.
  •  One grain of each: finely chopped green apples and finely chopped small onions.
  •  1 tablespoon butter.
  •  1 teaspoon of both: problem spices, sweet paprika, and shomer seeds. 1/2 teaspoon chicken spices. Salt and black pepper, to taste.
  •  A little olive oil.

How to prepare

  1.  Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and melt the butter in it. Add apples, onions, a little salt, black pepper and fennel seeds.
  2.  Fry for five minutes until onions and apples are cooked, then remove the pan from the heat until the mixture cools.
  3.  Place a grill pan, or a large non-stick pan over medium to high heat.
  4.  Season the chicken with salt, black pepper, mixed spices, chicken spices, paprika and a small amount of olive oil. Add the apple and onion mixture to the chicken, dividing the mixture into four equal sections. Form three equal tablets from each section with a diameter of approximately seven and a half centimetres, and get twelve small tablets of sausages.
  5.  Cook sausages from three to four minutes on each side and serve warm.