Thursday, 29 October 2020

4 drinks to prevent winter colds

    Cooking time: 5 minutes
    Recipe type: Very easy.



• Cinnamon, ginger and anise tea • Detox tea • chamomile and lemon tea • lemon and ginger drink

Preparation method:

Humans are frequently exposed to colds in winter,
So we always need to drink warm drinks that strengthen immunity and reduce infection.
Cold supremo, so we brought you four different drinks for you and your family to protect you from colds.
Annoying in winter:

1- Cinnamon, ginger and anise tea:

anise from drinks that soothe the respiratory system
Sputum repellent and cinnamon cure the cold.

2- Detox tea:

Relieves the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system.

3-  Chamomile and lemon tea:

Chamomile treats colds, colds and headaches. 

4- Lemon and Ginger:

This is a magic drink to treat frequent colds in a season
Winter, lemons with vitamin C, immune boost, ginger protects the body from infection
With the flu.